Swimming could be easily enjoyed in the selected areas at any

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The biggest attraction of Goa is undoubtedly it splendid beaches with shimmering sand that stretches along the Arabian Sea from head to bottom. Each beach has it own charm and uniqueness that makes it different from the other and the people feel bound to visit all. Goa wealth is richly laid in it exotic beaches, each with it own entreaty. Swimming could be easily enjoyed in the selected areas at any of the thirty beaches but a little bit of cautiousness is expected in the months of October and November when the seabed still remains in the process of settling down after the monsoons. Regardless of the Goa reputation to be the most liberal and modern of the Indian states, topless sunbathing and wearing revealing clothes in other areas besides the beach is still considered offending and disrespectful. Calangute and Baga beaches are the top choices in beaches till far and are also the most inundated by the tourists round the year. These beaches also have the reputation of having the best hotels in close proximity. To see the extensive flea market on Wednesdays head towards the famous Anjuna beach that was once a traditional hangout for the hipsters. One could see the hawkers selling jewellery, bangles and fabrics from different places in India on this beach. The southern beaches are equally astounding with picturesque views, slothful beach life and sensational nights. To experience something more calm and secluded visit the

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