How to prepare no-fry potato chips in the microwave easily with these easy steps.

Potato Chips
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This method is one of the simplest and the end result is amazing as well treat yourself with these delicious and extremely crispy potato chips.

The best thing is this can be prepared in a microwave so no need to fry this which is the exact reason why this is so good and why it saves a lot of time in making .So let’s get to it.

The potato chips come out slightly crinkled and surprisingly crispy. Thicker potato chips are a bit chewy in spots and thinner chips sometime char, but we actually find the variety a pleasant to uniform commercial potato chips. There are two ways to prepare these either with the potato chips on a microwavable steam basket or on a plate covered in a few paper towels-Both ways work just fine so there’s no need to worry

Potato Chips in the Microwave
  • Thinly Sliced potatoes
  • Cut the potatoes into even slices preferably using a mandoline (we cut them to 2mm thickness).
  • Place them on a plastic perforated rack without overlapping them. We improvised with the steamer that came with our rice cooker. A regular plate will work, but it may take longer.
  • Microwave for three sets of three minutes each at 50% power, 40% power, and 30% power. Turn after every three minutes. Reducing the power of the microwave is not essential, but if operating at full power reduce the time accordingly. I found that reducing the power gave me some respite from the “hawk” duties while continuing to cook other things. As a calibration guide, our Microwave can bring 250ml of water in a glass cup to boil in 2 minutes (at full power). Be aware that water heated in a microwave can ‘explode’, causing serious injuries.
  • Leave them alone for 5 minutes after they come out of the microwave to Crisp  a bit more.

Keep an eye on your potato chips – they can go from barely brown in spots to charred very quickly. If some of them start to brown but they don’t seem quite done, we would suggest to keep cooking them at one minute intervals at the lowest microwave setting. Also, our chips only required two rounds: three minutes on high and three minutes on low.

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