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china garden

China Garden aims to provide the best quality, most authentic and most importantly, the tastiest Chinese food in Kuwait. Our menu has changed, our packaging has changed, yet our commitment to quality, fair portions and prices hasn’t changed.

In order to be at the forefront of the Green Movement, China Garden has radically transformed into a modern day eco-warrior. We have reduced our consumption of plastic by 80%, our use of aluminum by over 95% and have completely removed Styrofoam products from our inventory. Our bags are fully recycled, biodegradable brown paper and our utensils are all natural, sustainable bamboo.

Order today from our amazing menu, most of which is exclusively available to China Garden. Our General Tso Chicken, Orange Chicken, Wok Charred Beef, Crab Rangoons, Scallion Pancakes are all things that are not to be missed!

China Garden is all about freshness, our noodles are made fresh daily, so are our spring rolls, rice, eggrolls, ice-teas, juices and desserts.

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