12 amazing examples of cute and creative and delicious food art ideas you have never seen before.

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Food Art
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During childhood everyone was told off by their parents at least once for playing with food and not eating it how they are supposed to eat but these creative artists do exactly that and produce some extraordinary pieces of work.

Check out these amazing pieces of food art which will finally make kids enjoy their food and which should probably kick start your hunger.


12. Cute panda sushi roll, so kawaii !! (unknown)

Cute Panda Sushi Roll - food art

11. Tunneling through bread and watermelon workers by Akoda Ida and Pierre Javelle (minimiam.com)

10. Samantha lee(leesamantha.com) Is a mom who makes artistic and adorable food for her kids. Who wouldn’t want this?

Samantha Lee- Food art

9. Amazing Tiger made by Kristen Cummings using approximately 14,000 jelly beans!!!

Tiger Made of jelly beans - Food Art

8.This might be too cute to eat ! (unknown)

Too Cute too eat - Food art

7. This is made of 612 pieces of toasted bread. Simply amazing !!

Made of 612 pieces of bread - food art

6. Watch out for the shark melon !! (unknown)

Melon Shark - Food art

4.  Giulia Bernardelli turns messy food into amazing art work.

Gulia Bernardelli turns messy food into amazing food art

3. Chopped carrots, White radishes, and Dried Prunes

Chopped Carrot,White Radishes, and dried punes -food art

2. Cute sleeping rice bear

Cute sleeping rice bear covered in egg - food art

1. Now this is talent. Giulia Bernardelli creates amazing picture of Dubai with just coffee.

Guilia Benardelli - Food Art

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