Am I supposed to just assume every guy I meet is a pervert?”

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After formulating and (hilariously) naming hundreds of the world’s most loved nail polishes, we had to know what keeps Suzi creative, humble, and feeling beautiful day after day. Turns out the things that make her feel beautiful are as colorful as her polish and span the globe, much like the themes of her recent collections. Here are her answers:.

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Replica Hermes This word is the most powerful trigger for the year. This word will be what make you get up, get out, and get something. I know this all seems like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but believe me it gets the job done. “Yeah, I gave him your number,” Clark told me later, “but in my defense, he said it was for a totally legitimate, non penis related matter. Am I supposed to just assume every guy I meet is a pervert?” Well, no, because some women are creepy perverts too, and most guys don’t even know what iPhone filter goes best with a half chub. But no matter how nice a person seems, never ever give them someone else’s cell number, email, home address, children’s names, or tragic backstory without permission.. Replica Hermes

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